The Jane Pushchair Past and Present

Firstly I would like to welcome you to our site where we look forward to bringing you all the news and reviews of the iconic and highly popular Jane pushchair. Many of us here in the UK are more familiar with our home grown pushchair hero Owen Maclaren who’s foldable pushchair innovation has been with us since the mid 1960’s, but when it comes to pushchair innovation Maclaren was late to the party compared with his Spanish counterpart Manuel Jané Vidal who built a pram for his son Ramon back in 1932.

From such humble beginnings in Barcelona was the Jane brand of pushchair born and the reputation of these highly popular pushchairs has now spread from mainland Europe and established itself firmly here in the UK, receiving many awards and positive reviews from the most respected of UK institutions over the last few years.

Jane Pushchair imageOn this site we will be focusing on the many Jane pushchairs available in the UK, looking to bring you pushchair reviews and also information on Jane pushchair stockists offering the best deals. While pushchairs may be the mainstay of their production, like any strong brand, Jane has expanded their product list to offer baby and toddler car seats as well as an extensive range of other baby equipment from highchairs to travel cots.

Jane does not yet produce a triple pushchair but apart from that they manufacture a pushchair to suit most needs and their growing popularity ensures that you will not be short of places to buy. Online shopping has made buying baby products very easy and price competitive, but please do take the time to visit a store and play around with perspective pushchairs or at the very least get a personal recommendation before buying online. Online stores should offer a good returns policy if you aren’t happy, but of course the timing of a child related products can be crucial so really you want to avoid the fuss of sending things back.

On this site we will review both Jane travel systems and Jane lightweight pushchairs. Our aim is to bring you a factual overview of each pushchair rather than a personal buyer’s opinion. By giving you a clear idea of the features and specifications of each model we trust that you will be able to distinguish which model is right for your personal needs. We will look at Jane double pushchairs, for those of you with twins or two young children, and also the Jane single pushchairs available.

When it comes to lightweight buggies Jane currently offers three outstanding models, the Energy, the Sonic and the Unique. When it comes to their excellent travel systems the choice is even wider with the Slalom Pro and Nomad amongst the favorites. And of course the Jane double pushchairs also have a fantastic reputation, the Powertwin Pro and Twin Two tandem pushchairs are also featured here.

Each model comes in different colours and styles to bring a bit of personal individuality to your choice and there are plenty of Jane accessories for you to choose from if you want to “pimp” your ride. Jane isn’t the cheapest of brands but you do tend to get what you pay for when it comes to pushchairs. If you want the peace of mind that comes with a respected brand and if you need a pushchair with the versatility to serve your child from infancy through to becoming a toddler then a Jane pushchair could be the one for you.

We welcome your comments and thoughts so if you have personal experience of Jane pushchairs, or any of their other baby related products, we would love to hear from you. Either contact us direct or leave a comment on any of our articles.

Jane Solo Reverse Pushchair

My current personal favorite, of all the Jane pushchairs to date, is the Jane Solo . I like the design, its adaptability and above all its functionality. This is two pushchairs in one, no in fact this is several pushchairs in one, once you’ve taken into account the infant carseat and carry cot options, and with four great colour combinations… well I can’t do the math.

As the name suggests the key feature of the Jane Solo Reverse is that the child seat can be set to face the front or the rear allowing you, unlike most other pushchairs, to have your child facing you as you push them along; and this can be done quickly and easily should you wish to change your child’s viewpoint. I personally think that for very young children, say from new born to around two years, this is a fantastic option. If your child is the adventurous and inquisitive type who likes lots of stimulation and gets bored easily then fine, they will probably be happier facing forward where they can get the front row experience of the world.

Jane Solo Reverse Pushchair photoHowever this is not the case with all children especially when they are very young. All the hectic chaos of the outdoor world can be very overwhelming for a small child that was recently laying calmly in its bed or cot at home. To suddenly thrust the great outdoors at them, especially when they can’t see you behind them, can be unnerving for some children. Until such a time that they become bored and restless staring at your familiar old face how much better will it be to push them around while maintain face to face contact?

So that is the main attribute of the Jane Solo, but of course there are plenty more positive features that you will have started to take for granted if you have researched other Jane pushchairs.

For a start this is another lightweight pushchair that can be folded away into a very compact state for easy transportation or storage. As with other Jane models it is made from 100% aluminum and weighs in at just 8.6kg. It can be folded away to the following dimensions 90 x 36 x 39 cm making it suitable for the smallest of car boots. This pushchair when folded will also stand upright unaided and can be folded regardless of which way the chair is facing.

Finally, while the Jane Solo looks like a very basic pushchair it is in fact an adaptable travel system and allows parents to buy the Jane Matrix fully flat infant car seat, the Jane Capazo carry cot or the Strata standard infant car seat which can all be quickly and easily attached using their Pro-Fix system.

There has been a small but significant renewed interest in the traditional four wheel pram over the last little while and, while this may be a bit of a retro fad, it seems that Jane has cleverly tapped into this need. Here you have a modern and stylish travel system that offers all the positives of a pram experience. I love it.